Are all your processes frictionless?

Are all your processes frictionless?

I'm not a huge fan of buzzwords, but I love the word "frictionless" as it applies to data management.

Frictionless is a fancy word for making a process as effortless as possible. Or as I like to say, with a minimal number of hoops to jump through.

When I work with my clients on business processes, I'm always looking for ways to eliminate steps. I will ask: "What are we trying to achieve? And what is the minimum data required (MDR) to achieve that?"

Amazon's "Buy Now" button is a great example of this. With "Buy Now" I choose a product, I click "Buy Now" and Amazon defaults in my shipping address and payment information. (I can still change these if I like.) This is frictionless buying.

So take a hard look at all of your processes and ask yourself: "Are these as frictionless as we can make them?"

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