EDM’s Association Management System RFP Shell

Why waste hours and hours of staff time trying to create an association management request for proposal, which in the end may not be complete or effective? With EDM's AMS RFP Shell, you have immediate access to a time-proven and successful RFP template, which you can modify to your organizations specific needs.

This RFP Shell has been used successfully dozens of times on behalf of Effective Database Managements clients. Over the years, several vendors have said this is the most effective and thorough RFP they've ever received.

“The RFP Shell might be the best purchase we have ever made. We got over $500 worth of new ideas we would have never thought of otherwise. “ Kevin Ketchum, National Hardwood Lumber Association

“I love the shell. Things I never would have thought of are here. It’s great, especially for me — only three staff with the other staff inexperienced with AMS and lots of other “#1 priorities” to handle at the same time. ” – Donna French Dunn,  Association of YMCA Professionals

“Without the assistance of Wes’ RFP Shell we would have been lost in regards to our search for a new AMS vendor.  It was just a couple of days after receiving returned RFPs that we had an obvious answer for our association needs. Thank you, Wes, your RFP Shell really made the comparison/decision making process easy. ” – Teri Carden, Florida Society of Association Executives

The EDM AMS RFP Shell comes complete with the following:

  1. A complete RFP, in Word 2003, that you can modify. The RFP features over 40 pages with nearly 350 questions covering all aspects of association data management. Sections covered include:
    • General Database Management
    • Subscriptions
    • Membership
    • Product Sales
    • Events
    • Advertising
    • E-commerce
    • Exhibits
    • Committees
    • Awards
    • Finances
    • Government Relations
    • Contact Management (CRM)
    • Chapters
    • Lists
    • Sales Management
    • Certification
    • Third-party Integrations
  2. Directions on how to create, distribute, and score the RFP.
  3. An effective RFP cover letter.
  4. RFP usage license.


1. What’s included in the RFP Shell?
There are five items in the RFP Shell: (1) Read this document; (2)RFP license; (3) How to use the RFP Shell, (4) a sample cover letter for your RFP; and (5) the RFP Shell itself.

2. Once I’ve purchased the RFP Shell, can I loan it or share it with other associations?
No. The license of the RFP Shell clearly states that the RFP can only be used internally for your organization and for distribution to the vendors you want to receive it. Click here to read the license in its entirety.

3. Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the RFP Shell is not what you were expecting, simply email us at wes at effectivedatabase dot com and request a refund. You must destroy all copies (electronic and paper) of the documents you received in the RFP Shell.

4. What if I have questions about how to use it?
Email us at wes@effectivedatabase.com and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible.

5. Will the RFP Shell guarantee that I choose the right AMS for my association?
No. There are no guarantees in life (except our 30-day money back guarantee), and using the RFP Shell will not guarantee you make the right AMS selection. But it will vastly improve your chances of choosing the right AMS versus developing your own RFP. And of course, if you feel like you need more help, consider some of EDM’s consulting options including remote consulting.

License Agreement
Click here to read the license agreement.

Click here to email your question.

RFP Sample Pages
Here are a two pages pulled directly from the RFP Shell, to give you a sense of what it looks like. [ Sample 1 / Sample 2 ]

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