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Success Stories

Here’s a sampling of what our clients have had to say about our help

“We brought Wes in to provide assistance and insight into selecting a new AMS. We had no clue the depth and complexity involved in simply selecting a product. Wes was able to quickly and efficiently meet with all departments to gather our requirements and aid in finding the AMS that was the perfect fit for our needs. This is where Wes really shines; he has decades of knowledge surrounding the association space and likely is the most educated person when it comes to the different workflows and policies that associations use to govern both their business and data. The insight Wes provided led us to quickly define our must have features and through his coordination refine our selection down to a few key competitors. Wes never tried to offer his suggestion as to what vendor or product we should select, he instead ensured we had a clear understanding of what we needed and what the vendor was offering to meet those needs. In the end we signed a contract with confidence in our choice and I feel we have Wes to thank for that.

If you are selecting a new AMS or need assistance with your AMS data I strongly recommend you speak with Wes Trochlil.”

Jesse Lewis, Director of Information Technology
Association For Manufacturing Technology

“We hired Wes to develop the detailed requirements for a new association management system. Our organization is large, our business requirements are complex, and the task was daunting, as many AMS projects can be. However, Wes quickly grasped the hard details of our business, as well as the soft information between the lines, and fashioned a requirements document that was comprehensive and exceeded the expectations of our key organizational stakeholders.

Wes then developed a detailed RFP that we distributed to a selected group of vendors that he identified with our specific requirements in mind. As a result, we didn’t waste our time with vendors who could never meet our needs. Then, he partnered with our team throughout the demo phase to carefully evaluate the vendors’ responses, helped us test their promises against reality, and helped us make our final selection.

It’s clear to me that Wes transformed what could have been a very long and painful process into one that was efficient and satisfying. I heartily recommend his services to others considering the same project.”

Frank Fortin, Chief Digital Strategist and Communications Director
Massachusetts Medical Society

Bill Murray“Working with Wes was the key factor in our successfully identifying a new association management system. Wes was knowledgeable, extremely responsive, and very respectful of all staff’s input into the process. He helped us move quickly and thoroughly through the process of vetting potential solutions and finding the one that fit us best. A new AMS is a big investment – not just in terms of expense, but in terms of the staff time and management oversight necessary for the project. Retaining Wes helped us to maximize the return on our investment. I recommend his work without reservation.”

Bill Murray, President and Chief Executive Officer
National Coffee Association

Theresa McKinley“We are so grateful for all of Wes’s help and guidance. We feel great about being able to work with our new vendor – and definitely would not have been able to without Wes’s assistance. We stressed to our board that their investment in Wes as a consultant was well worth it. The knowledge base Wes has, the connections, the understanding of the RFP nuances, and his willingness to continue being a sounding board were all so important to the successful completion of the process. I was very grateful to know Wes was in our corner!”

Theresa McKinley, Director of Technology Services
Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA)

“Just a quick word to say ‘thanks’ for the great work you did for us. As you surely recall, we were faced with a dizzying array of cascading decisions for our database, communications, and IT needs; each decision affected the other in ways that were tough to predict. What we needed – and what you provided – was clear and concise direction on what steps to take first. Your Remote Consulting package allowed us to use you as a sounding board during a critical time in our organization’s development and evolution. You’re great to work with.”

Chris Stelzig Director, Membership & Marketing
Entomological Society of America

“I didn’t know that a database conversion could be manageable, informative, and fairly painless until we hired Wes. His ability to push the conversations about the business processes and staff structure while also considering the practical implementation steps really helped take operations at NAGC to the next level. Further, his conversational style put everyone at ease, and demystified what can be an intimidating process. I hope I never have to go through another conversion without him!”

Nancy Green, CAE Executive Director
National Association for Gifted Children

“We found ourselves forced to make an unexpected switch to a new financial and membership database, virtually overnight. Wes assisted us with a rapid selection and implementation of a new provider. Because of his efforts, we successfully implemented the new system and were operational in only six weeks! We are now in our third year with the system and it is the centerpiece of our data integration efforts. Wes’s recommendations are validated literally every single day.”

Kyle Vickers Chief Information Officer
American Health Care Association

“Wes was invaluable in guiding our decision making process with regard to the standard operating procedures that would best serve our association’s needs. He has a wonderful manner that encouraged our staff through what could have been a tense installation process. He also did a superb job in writing our SOPs and delivering training to all of our staff.”

Miriam Hair Deputy Executive Director
Municipal Association of South Carolina

“Our organization was really struggling to understand its AMS needs, much less what system or systems existed in the marketplace to match those needs. Wes did a great job of helping us identify our needs through an exhaustive discovery process and recommending solutions. We would turn to him again for guidance if we ever needed to revisit this very challenging process!”

Larry Buzecky, Vice President Business Intelligence and Strategy
Association of Equipment Manufacturers

“I can trust Wes to provide solutions that are realistic and consistent with our business priorities. He is able to bring additional partners to the table as needed. Wes presents multiple options for action, including those that would not necessarily increase our business levels with him.”

Annette Hinkle Deputy Executive Director, Hostelling International – USA

“Wes has always been mindful of what our association has been trying to accomplish and has always offered sound advice. His knowledge of the association management software market and business relationships has yielded NGCOA indispensable assistance and saved us hours of work and thousands of dollars.”

Jay Karen Director of Corporate Programs
National Golf Course Owners Association

“Wes’s analysis of our needs and guidance in choosing a new data management system were invaluable. His honesty and sense of humor helped create an immediate rapport with our staff, which was critical to gaining buy-in. Thanks to his expertise, our AMS system was deployed on time and under budget.”

Theresa Roman Senior Manager, Database Systems
New Jersey School Boards Association

“What makes Wes such an asset as our consultant is that he is not only well-equipped to understand the technical underpinnings, but that he can communicate these highly complex issues in an easy to understand manner.”

Holly Ross Director of Programs
Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network

“With Wes as our project manager, I felt very comfortable knowing he had the expertise to help MCCA sort through our numerous data management issues. We now have the tools we need to better manage our data and serve our membership constituency.”

Shawn Boynes Director of Programs
Minority Corporate Counsel Association

“With EDM’s help on documentation, training, and general consulting, we were able to get our newly implemented AMS up and running quickly and smoothly. In less than four months EDM helped us get more than 30 new users into our system.”

Tom Osterbind Director of Software Development & Internal Systems
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

“EDM was invaluable in our search for a new AMS. Through interviews with staff and applying their own experience in association management, they steered us through the many choices we had for software and helped us choose a system that was right for us. I shudder to think what might have happened if we had tried to manage this project without their help.”

Jill Perla Vice President Finance and Administration
International Sign Association

“Tapping Wes’ experience in membership issues, we were able to avoid performing some costly database customizations. Someone who understands both membership administration and database functions is a great resource to have!”

Yolande Nanayakkara Director of Membership and Marketing
National Institute of Governmental Purchasing