Staff Hiring Assistance

For many associations, identifying the right staff person to manage your association management system or manage your IT function can be a tricky path to navigate. EDM can help identify, screen, and select candidates who will bring you the skills and attitude that your association is seeking.

“Just a quick word to say ‘thanks’ for the great work you did for us. As you surely recall, we were faced with a dizzying array of cascading decisions for our database, communications, and IT needs; each decision affected the other in ways that were tough to predict. What we needed – and what you provided – was clear and concise direction on what steps to take first. Your Remote Consulting package allowed us to use you as a sounding board during a critical time in our organization’s development and evolution. You’re great to work with.”

Chris Stelzig Director, Membership & Marketing
Entomological Society of America

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