Iterate or innovate?

Iterate or innovate?

When moving to a new association management system, there is often an implicit question of whether the move is for iteration or innovation. The beauty is, it can be both.

Iteration is doing the same things, but better. Innovation is doing new things that create new value.

For most of my clients, the focus is on iteration, for obvious reasons. Automating manual processes, eliminating unnecessary steps, improving the members' online experience; all of these are very common desires when migrating to a new AMS.

But new technology may also provide an opportunity for innovation. I've had clients create new programs or provide new services as a result of acquiring technology that allowed them the time and provided them the horsepower they needed to support the new programs.

So when you move to a new AMS (or any new technology), as you work through the iteration, ask yourself: What opportunities for innovation does this technology provide us?

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