Month: May 2007

CRM is never done/It takes two years to get where you want to be

Gareth Herschel, research director at Gartner Inc, says: "There are two things to focus on to ensure CRM success. One is the notion that you are never done with CRM. Things are constantly evolving. The second notion is that it takes 18-24 months to change and reinforce the behavior of end users with new CRM …

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Upgrading to netFORUM 2.0

Avectra recently released version 2.0 of netFORUM and several of their existing clients are now working through the process of upgrading. Christy Gemuendt, Project Manager, Healthcare Assn. of NY State, had the following things to say about their upgrade (posted with her permission): Overall, the upgrade went very smoothly. There were very few "showstoppers" found …

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Another Data Management Position

Just saw a posting on the ASAE technology listserver advertising for a "Director position in the CRM and Decision Support Membership and Marketing Strategy group." Sure, it's a long title, but look at some of the job responsibilities: "…support the Association’s overall data strategy, including: improving data quality, expanding analytic capabilities, ensuring fact-based marketing decision …

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ARC Solutions' New Polaris Product

ARC Solutions is a small but growing AMS provider located in Washington, DC. One of my clients purchased their original product (the MAP) so I've had some extensive experience using the product and working with the company. ARC recently secured $1 million in funding from two venture capital firms to help develop their new product, Polaris. …

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Research about On-Demand vs. Premise-Based CRMs

I read an interesting report from CSO Insights. The report is a study on premise-based CRM products (e.g., Siebel, Oracle) as compared to on-demand CRM products (e.g.,, netSuite). The result of the study shows that on-demand customers have higher satisfaction ratings, did better on budget, and had dramatically shorter implementation times. I find this …

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