July 2007

Free Articles (Shameless Plug)

Don’t forget, in addition to all of these brilliant blog posts, you can find a bevy of free articles on my website. I’ve recently added two new articles to the list. I typically add one new article per month. You can sign up to receive notices as new articles are posted by clicking here.

Management by Data in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article (subscription required) a few days ago talking about the trend in "management by data." In a nutshell, large corporations have figured out that if you analyze the behavior of your customers you can leverage that information into better performance. The dark side, according to the article, is …

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Working with your vendor

Many associations struggle with the relationship they have with their software vendor. There are many reasons for this, but a primary one is expectations. Too often, associations expect immediate response from their vendors, and perhaps more importantly, they expect immediate resolution to their problems. Rob Gates of SHRM recently posted the following note to the TMA …

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