Next-to-Nothing Goals

Next-to-Nothing Goals

I saw a Ted Talk by Christine Carter recently discussing the concept of "next-to-nothing" goals. The idea is to learn a new habit by setting ridiculously small goals that will move you to the larger goal. It could be something as simple as walking for just one minute as a goal toward becoming a runner later on.

In my book Put Your Data to Work: 52 Tips and Techniques for Effectively Managing Your Database published by ASAE, one of the tips is "Spot Check Your Data." In that tip I suggest taking a minute or two during the day to "scroll through your contact list" to see if you can identify any errors in the data (e.g., duplicates, typos, etc.). This is a great example of a "next-to-nothing" activity that can have a real impact long-term.

I write frequently about weeding the garden in data management. Spot checking your data is another way to keep the weeds away. Make it one of your "next-to-nothing" goals.

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