Maintenance isn’t sexy

Maintenance isn't sexy

I remember reading once long ago that one of the reasons our country's infrastructure (e.g., bridges, roads) isn't as well-maintained as it could be is because maintenance isn't "sexy." When it comes to choosing between maintaining and/or fixing the current infrastructure versus building new roads and bridges, new always wins out. Maintenance isn't "sexy." It doesn't get the same kind of attention from voters as new construction does.

I see a similar mindset playing out when it comes to data management. When an association is struggling with their data management, there is a tendency to think "We need better technology." And who doesn't like a slick new piece of software to get the job done?

The reality is that my very best clients are those who put in the thankless work of really maintaining the data they have. The weed the garden. They use data integrity reports.  They have an internal users group.

None of these is "sexy." But all of it gets the work done.

Don't get me wrong. Very often, new technology is required to dramatically improve how the data is managed. Just like new roads and new bridges, new technology can open up newer and better ways to get to where we want to be.

But don't let the sexiness of "new" blind you to the power and effectiveness of the boring but important!

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