Customize staff pages for better user adoption

Customize staff pages for better user adoption

The single most important element to data management success, bar none, is user adoption of your technology. The very best technology, unused, is, well, useless!

There are many aspects to user adoption, but one of the most important is the actual screens or pages that staff users see when working in the database.

If you've got an AMS platform that allows you to configure different views for different users, this is absolutely critical to do.

Some AMS platforms (e.g., those built on Salesforce or MS Dynamics 365, and others) give you very broad control over how you configure the screens of the AMS. This allows you to design a screen so that your users only see the information they need to see to perform their job functions. For example, you can create "views" that are designed for staff doing membership processing (joins and renewals), a different view for processing event registration, and even another view for managing certification.

The point is that, with a little effort on the front-end, you can design screens that make your staff users' life much simpler. That in turn will lift user adoption, which will make your data management efforts that much more successful. So if you've got that level of functionality in your AMS, and you haven't already done this, do it now!

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