MVP: Minimum Viable Product

MVP: Minimum Viable Product

In product development there is a concept known as MVP, or minimum viable product. Simply put, this means getting the product out into the market with the least amount of features, in order to get customer feedback and to just get something out there!

This concept can be applied in multiple ways in the data management arena, but two obvious ones come to mind:

  1. Rolling out a new system. Too often, we decide that ALL functionality in ALL areas must be working "just right" before we go-live. And the result is that go-live takes months and months (sometimes years!) longer than it should.
  2. Rolling out new functionality within an existing AMS. Again, too often new functionality is not rolled out quickly because of the mistaken belief that the new functionality must work perfectly before it can be launched.

"Perfect" never happens, so that shouldn't be our benchmark in any case. But too often "it's not quite ready" is an excuse not to launch an otherwise useful new product or service.

MVP is a really good framework to help you avoid waiting and waiting and waiting until something is "just right."

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