It’s all about expectations

It’s all about expectations

One of the most critical contributors to the success of a new AMS implementation (or any new system) is managing expectations. I define managing expectations as helping staff and users understand what the system will, and critically, what it will not, do.

When I start an AMS selection project with a client, one of the first things I try to communicate to everyone is this: We will discuss everything, but that doesn't mean you'll get everything we discuss. I don't want them expecting a new system to be perfect or that it will solve all of their problems.

I once had a client tell me a project was a "complete failure" because she didn't get what she expected at go-live (the functionality she wanted was delivered shortly after go-live). Even though everything else worked as planned, to her, the project failed because it didn't meet her expectations.

This happens to us often in "real" life. We go to a restaurant expecting a great meal, and instead, it was just "good" and so we are disappointed. But if we had gone in expecting a mediocre meal and got a good one, we would have been happy rather than disappointed. All because of our expectations.

So whether you're starting a new project or serving a new meal, if you set expectations appropriately, you may be surprised by how successful it all turns out!

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