All decisions involve risk

All decisions involve risk

Whether it's choosing a new AMS or introducing a new product or service, every decision you make involves risk.

There are two factors to risk: likelihood (probability of something bad happening) and seriousness.

To illustrate: the likelihood of a plane crash is exceedingly small, but clearly, its seriousness is very high. On the flip side, the likelihood of a traffic jam in the DC area at rush hour (pre-covid!) is high but the seriousness of being late for something is typically low.

In the case of choosing an AMS, depending on the process used, the likelihood of complete failure is probably pretty low, but the seriousness of total failure (time and money) is pretty high. So you want to be sure you have a time-tested process for ensuring you're making the right decision.

So when making any decision, consider the risk involved and the likelihood and seriousness of that risk coming to fruition. If both likelihood and seriousness are high, it may not be a risk you want to take. But if the likelihood is low and/or seriousness is low, you may proceed cautiously!

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