Fewer Leads, Higher Sales

In a recent issue of CRM magazine, an article outlined how Beazer Homes was able to use their database (salesforce.com) to increase sales by 52 percent, even though the number of leads coming through the organization had gone down (35% fewer!). They did this by systematizing how they managed sales leads, and by focusing on those leads that were of highest quality. (You can read the whole article here.)

In a similar vein, I’ve spoken and written about marketing efforts at NACUBO, at the time managed by Steve Doran. Steve was able to reduce his marketing costs by 85% and maintain current sales levels for his events. (I discuss this here and here.)

What do these two have in common? In both cases, the organizations established a clear process for managing data, and they focused relentlessly on those leads that were likely to provide the best response to the offer.

The technology available today allows you to know more about your members, customers, and potential members than ever before. But technology alone won’t help you improve. You’ve also got to have the right processes and people in place. You’ve got to focus on who your best customers and potential customers are, and ignore the rest. Your database can help you do that.

About Wes Trochlil

For over 30 years, Wes has worked in and with dozens of associations and membership organizations throughout the US, ranging in size from zero staff (all-volunteer) to over 700. In that time Wes has provided a range of consulting services, from general consulting on data management issues to full-scale, association-wide selection and implementation of association management systems.

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