Avectra Acquires NFI Studios

Avectra is one of the major players in the AMS market, and a company with which I’ve been associated for over a decade (even prior to their creation as Avectra). NFI Studios is a web-development firm that, among other things, has a product called MemberFuse, which is a white label social networking platform. Avectra announced this week that they have acquired NFI Studios and will be integrating the MemberFuse product (as an add-on) to the Avectra netForum products. Click here to read the press release.

The association market has shown huge interest in social networking tools over the past couple of years, and many of the AMS vendors have worked with third party social networking companies, developing integrations between independent products. So it is interesting to see one of the major players acquire a social networking tool.

My understanding from Avectra is that the MemberFuse product will be an add-on to the netForum products (as opposed to being included as part of the base fees) and that current Avectra clients who are working with other third-party products can continue to do so. But it would seem over time that Avectra’s interests will be directed more toward their own products and less toward competing products.

The press release states that NFI “…will operate as an independent division of Avectra and will continue to support the MemberFuse product line as well as their existing customers and partners.” MemberFuse is used by many associations that are not using Avectra’s AMS product, so it will be interesting to see what conflicts, if any, this creates for current MemberFuse clients.

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