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IT Leaders

Need help locating or implementing new technology?

There are literally dozens of technology products serving the membership market. If you already have a full time job, it’s not possible to keep up with all the products and vendors in the market. That’s where EDM can help. We keep up-to-date with all of the products and vendors on the market, and we can help you find and implement a product that’s right for your organization. Contact Wes Trochlil at EDM to learn more.

Wes Trochlil


“We hired Wes and Effective Database Management to find the best AMS for our organization. Wes led the creation of the RFP and narrowed down our focus on what we hoped to achieve in the new system. With his connections, he quickly targeted the products that would best suit our office. Wes helped us every step of the way as we made our decision. Since the transition, reviews from the staff, leadership and general membership have been extremely positive. Contracting with Wes was well worth the investment as it saved us valuable time and effort and reduced strain on the staff during the transition period. Most importantly, the staff and leadership were confident in our final decision after the very detailed selection process. We avoided all the afterwards second-guessing that can occur when a major transition occurs.”

Cary Clark
International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis

“Working with Wes over the last two years has been great! When we realized that we needed to find a new Association Management System (AMS) we also realized that we didn’t know exactly how we should go about the task. We interviewed three consulting groups and quickly realized that Wes was our man. Wes brings incredible energy to everything he tackles. He has incredible insight into how people are thinking about the search process. He is direct, pushing us when we needed to be pushed. He kept us moving forward, asked the right questions of the right people, and helped us work our way through a potential mine field. When I look back to when we were thinking about trying to do this ourselves, I am so very, very grateful that we hired Wes.”

Michael Murphy, Director, Governance and IS
American Sociological Association

“Facing a major upgrade to our curent data management system, we engaged Wes to help us through the process. With his deep insight into how other organizations use our and other data management systems, Wes provided us with great advice on how to use the system most effectively and ensured that all user concerns were addressed. Prior to the upgrade, we often head very loud (and often profane) complaints about our database; following the upgrade, and with Wes’s help, the complaints have virtually disappeared.”

Greg McNally, Director Web Applications
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

Greg McNally
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

“We found ourselves forced to make an unexpected switch to a new financial and membership database, virtually overnight. Wes assisted us with a rapid selection and implementation of a new provider. Because of his efforts, we successfully implemented the new system and were operational in only six weeks! We are now in our third year with the system and it is the centerpiece of our data integration efforts. Wes’s recommendations are validated literally every single day.”

Kyle Vickers, Chief Information Officer
American Health Care Association

Kyle Vickers
American Health Care Association