Report Writing, SQL Programming, and Data Conversion

Report Writing

The best database in the world is no good if you can’t get data out of it. Crystal Reports is a powerful report writing program that allows you to display data in just about any manner you wish, including posting data/reports to your website. EDM staff has years of experience working with Crystal Reports, and we can help you develop management reports that will help you use the data your association management system is housing.

SQL Programming
EDM staff has extensive knowledge with SQL (structured query language), the basis for many association management systems. By developing the proper SQL stored procedures, we can help you with reporting needs, automating processes, and tuning up your database. We’ll work with staff to understand your needs and then develop the best solutions for your problems.

Data Conversion One of the single most difficult steps in a database migration is converting data from the legacy system (or systems) to the new database. EDM staff has years of experience working with clients through data conversion. Our experts can help ensure that you have a smooth transition with minimal errors.

Success Story

“We’re very pleased with the help Wes has been able to provide us. He has been very patient with our staff and has helped to develop new reports that have saved us hours of time. His documentation of our membership and exhibits processes will help us to use our temporary staff more effectively and to get our future full-time staff up to speed on our database.” George Melnykovich President, Food Processing Suppliers Association


If you’d like to learn more about how EDM can help you with your data management challenges, contact me at (540)-338-9404 or email me at

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