No, I’m not talking about data back up this time. I’m talking about having a back up plan for how you will handle incoming calls when your system is “down.”

I called my doctor today to make an appointment. I was immediately told “Our system is down, can you call back in an hour?”

Really? A customer is calling you, to spend money on you, and your response is “call back later”? How about “Let me take your name and number, and once our system is operational again, I’ll call you to make the appointment.”

How about your association? Do you have a plan in place to manage those inevitable times when your system is inaccessible? If your database wasn’t working, would you know what to do when users call to register for a meeting, join or renew membership, or otherwise do business with you? Or, like my doctor’s office, do you simply say “I’m sorry, I can’t help you right now. Please call back later.”?