Yes, that’s harsh, but more and more it’s true. I’ve written before about how associations should not be in the business of developing software. (Click here to read that.)

I’ve also written before about how there are very affordable AMS products on the market that obviate the need for homegrown association management systems. (Click here to read that.)

Yet I’m still encountering associations and non-profits that are struggling with their homegrown systems and trying to find a way to make them work. (As an aside, the smart ones come to me to help them get away from their homegrown systems and into a quality off-the-shelf system.)

I think there are three reasons why non-profits don’t make the move:

  1. They don’t realize there are off-the-shelf systems that can do what they need.
  2. They fear that an off-the-shelf system will be too expensive.
  3. They are convinced that off-the-shelf systems can’t possibly do what they need them to do.
All of these reasons are rooted in ignorance, of course. And that ignorance is malpractice.
If your organization is still struggling with a homegrown system, read my blog, read my free articles, and engage me to help you with finding a new database that will actually work for your organization.