I was recently called by a potential client who was looking to move from their existing software to another AMS package. As I talked with them, I learned that they're using what I consider to be a really good AMS package, but they are not happy with it. They find it too cumbersome, not flexible enough, and hard to understand. What's interesting about this particular situation is that the association received the software for free. The challenge they face is that they don't want to spend a lot for a new AMS package. The one they have would be way out of their price range if they had to buy it a street value.

The question is: What should they do? Should they trash a really good product and try to find a less-expensive product that staff finds easier-to-use? Or should they work with the vendor to try to learn how to use the system better? Or is there yet another option they haven’t considered?

What would you advise?