I was sitting in a demo with a client last week and the vendor providing the demo said “We provide four hours of free training when you add new staff.”


This is such a great idea for several reasons:

  1. From a sales perspective it’s a nice bonus/added value to the customer. Who wouldn’t want free training for new staff?
  2. For the vendor, it’s incredibly smart to want to keep new staff trained on the system. One of the most common causes I see for system switches is: “Staff doesn’t know how to use the current system.” And often that’s because there has been so much staff turnover, new staff was never trained appropriately on the existing system, and everyone slowly learns to “hate” the system.

This is a great insurance program for the vendor and a great value to the customer. What is the actual cost to the vendor? Minimal. But the value is huge, to both parties.

Every vendor should do this.