In the past several months there have been two changes at the CEO level for major AMS vendors.

The first occurred at Affiniscape, where CEO Brian Cooper left Affiniscape to become CEO of A Glimmer of Hope, a nonprofit in the Austin area. Adam Weedman, Affiniscape founder and former CEO, has reassumed the role of CEO at Affiniscape.

The second change occurred at ARC Solutions. Andrew Ryan, who founded the company, has left, and has been replaced by Don Turner. After taking on venture capital last year, Ryan had some disagreements with the board that led to his departure. Turner has extensive experience with tech start-ups and technology-intensive organizations.

Changes at the CEO level at AMS vendors are exceedingly rare, because most AMS companies are privately held. So two changes within a couple of months is pretty unusual. I don’t know what these changes portend for either company, but they are noteworthy.

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