This is somewhat related to philosophy #5, in that no matter what decision you make about technology (or any other decision you make in life!),  you’re going to have to make trade-offs. In philosophy #5, I pointed out that “free” doesn’t mean “without cost.” In this case, the trade-off for free software was a cost of learning the software itself or paying someone to implement it on your behalf.

And so it is with all your technology decisions. Whatever you choose, you’ll be making a trade-off. You may choose software that has ALL the bells and whistles. The trade-off you’ll make is a higher price. You may choose technology that allows all of your staff to edit and post to your website (i.e., a CMS). The trade-off you’ll make is that control is decentralized and therefore, there is more risk of something being published in error. And so on.

Understanding that every decision comes with a trade-off gives you a different (and more appropriate) perspective on the choices you’re making.