Note: This post is especially for Ben Martin. 😉

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Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light, spoke on CRM 2.0 and how social networking must integrate with CRM strategy. The session had all the usual web 2.0 items, like blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc. But Greenberg made two points I thought worth repeating.

  1. “We no longer live in a business ecosystem, we live in a customer ecosystem.” What he means is that the systems in which we operate are now dominated by what the customer needs, rather than what the business needs. This is because even a single customer now has the ability to greatly affect the operations of the largest businesses through the power of blogs and other social networks. So everything we do must be customer-focused, including all of the systems and processes we employ.
  2. “Companies that succeed will give the customer a sense of importance, self-control, and ownership.” That “ownership” caught my attention, because after all, your members “own” your association. But are we doing what we should be to make them “feel” that ownership? Social networking tools like wikis, blogs, and other tools that create transparency will help your members feel that ownership, that importance, that sense of self-control. And conversely, those who don’t offer this transparency will begin to see it in lower retention and decreased participation from members.

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So what is your association doing about it?