I once met with a potential client who was seeking a new database. In a conversation with the executive director, she explained to me that she wanted a database that would collect all types of data about her members, including information about calls with her members.

When I suggested that there was software that would do this and that she would simply have to enter information about the call when she completed the call, she asked how the data would get into the database. When I told her she would have to enter the data herself, she said “That will never happen.”


Often I’ll meet with potential clients who are looking for new software because they believe the problems they are having are because the software isn’t “good enough” to do what they want to do. But in reality, it’s because the processes in place (or NOT in place) aren’t effective. And no change in software will address weak processes.

So before you jump to changing software to fix your problems, make sure the problem isn’t, well, you.