One of the more common complaints I hear from my clients is that the vendor doesn’t provide enough information about certain aspects of their software. For example, when a vendor offers a new upgrade, associations will often say “Tell me what is in the upgrade that will be important to me.”

Well, the problem is, the vendor can’t really do that. Because only you really know how you’re using the system now, and how the upgrade will affect you.

To be sure, the vendor should certainly provide upgrade notes that highlight the most significant changes the upgrade brings (at least from their perspective). But the reality is, what the vendor thinks is important or significant may be completely unimportant to you and your organization.

The sad reality is, there are some things you’ll just have to do for yourself. You’ll have to review the upgrade notes and identify which upgrades (if any!) are applicable and important to you. And you’ll have to communicate this to your staff.