I attended a luncheon hosted by Tagoras a couple months ago, and one of my takeaways was this thought: “Learning is a process, not an event.”

Simple thought, but very profound. It is rare that one learns something and then is finished learning about that thing. For example, I’m a guitarist of average ability, but love to read about accomplished and famous guitarists. Very often, they point out that they are never done learning the guitar. I think that’s pretty amazing to hear, from someone who has reached the pinnacle of his profession.

So when you think about all the things you have learned and still need to learn, keep in mind that learning is a process, not an event. If you’re smart, you’re never really “done” learning.

And speaking of learning, don’t forget to check out the Leading Learning Symposium hosted by Tagoras in October in Baltimore. Click here to get all the details.