I hate surveys. I’ve made it clear to anyone who will listen that I only answer one-question surveys. If your survey has pages of questions, sorry, I ain’t answerin’. I practice what I preach by conducting only one-question (okay, technically three) surveys, like my “What’s plaguing associations” survey or my BI survey.

So I was pleased to receive from ASAE a three-question survey about my membership experience. They asked how important my membership is (very), how satisfied I am (somewhat), and how I rate my investment (excellent value).

So I answered. But now what? What will ASAE do with that information? I’m no statistician, but is there anything actionable from a survey this brief and general?

The objecive of my one-question surveys is to get a general sense of the market about a specific topic (e.g., what kind of database issues associations are facing). It’s purely qualitative. But with ASAE’s survey, I’m not sure what they can learn from these ratings.

So before you ask your members or customers to complete a survey, be sure you can answer this question: “Once we get the answers to our survey, what will we do with that information?”