I recently spoke with a small association about the possibility of them acquiring a new data management system. In the course of the conversation, I mentioned that their website design was quite good, and the design itself looked very fresh.

“Oh,” replied the executive director, “that’s because it IS new. We had to redesign it when the last website crashed and there was no backup.”

“No backup?!?!” I responded in shock

“Yes,” she said. “They thought they had a backup of the site but when they went to retrieve it, nothing was there.”

It’s a given within the technology world that everything you do electronically should have some type of backup. Whether it’s your email system, your file manager system, or your database, an automated backup should be part of the standard practice, right?

Well, even if it’s a given, that doesn’t mean it’s happening. So have you checked your backups recently? Maybe they look like they are running, but is there really anything there? Better to find out now than later.