To have the courage of your convictions means to do or say what you think is right no matter who disagrees with you.

What I often see from my clients is a very strong conviction about the value of their products and services, but very low willingness to price these products and services according to their value. I commonly hear it stated this way:

Client: Our members LOVE our products and services and tell us they couldn’t live without them.

Me: Then why don’t you raise your prices, since you’re losing money on this program?

Client: Oh, they would never pay higher prices!

Do you see the disconnect? Either the members really do love the products and services and would pay higher prices for them, or what they really like is getting good value for below-market rates!

In either case, I always encourage my clients to have the courage of their convictions. If the products and services really are worth more, then charge more! One thing is for sure, the only way to find out is to try different pricing and see what happens.