A while back I gave kudos to Avectra for creating the first wiki in the AMS space. Now I’ve recently learned that Avectra is on Twitter.

Now, the full extent of my twitter experience is once subscribing to the “tweets” of a friend who was visiting Cuba, and Twitter was the only way to communicate out of the country. Other than what I’ve read about it, I don’t do Twitter. So I have no idea whether there is any value at all being on Twitter.

But I still have to give Avectra kudos for giving it a shot. Twitter is one of the many “Web 2.0” and “social media” tools that you’ve been hearing a lot about. And Avectra knows that associations are interested in these tools (like wikis) so they’re putting their money where their mouth is by jumping into these technologies and using them. So kudos to them.

Hat tip: David Gammel