Consulting guru Alan Weiss often says “Logic makes you think, emotion makes you act.”

I’m reminded of this when I work with my clients during selection of a new AMS. Using the process I use, my clients will wind up with two or three really strong options for a new system. As some of them have explained to me, this leads to some difficulty making a final decision, since the final choices are so good.

My advice to them: Follow your gut. Which company, which product, makes you feel the best. I know the expectation is that we will be logical and choose the best system, based on our needs. But the reality is, you already have multiple “best” choices; so choose the one that makes you feel the best.

When you come into work in the morning, if you’re working with a product you feel good about, you’ll enjoy working in it. That will lead to better long-term results. So don’t be afraid to follow your gut.