In a session at the recent Abila Users and Developers Conference (AUDC), a speaker from the American Hospital Association (AHA) was discussing their work on a data governance plan for the association. The speaker said the following:

“Data governance is not a technology issue, it’s people and communications.”

Truer words were never spoken. While technology can and should certainly support a data governance plan, technology is not at its core. People and communications (and, I would add, good processes) is what make a data governance plan work.

To that end, AHA has an developed an intranet for staff use that helps AHA communicate to staff everything that is going on with their data management system and their data governance plan. I think this is brilliant. As PMI points out in their project management training courses, communication is the number one skill required of a successful project manager.

So kudos to AHA for the work they’ve done.