I had the opportunity to view a demo of the Computility AMS recently. For very small associations, I think the system is worth consideration. Here are the highlights:

  • CRM tool. The system includes a neat area for tracking contacts and follow ups with companies and individuals, and even allows for assigning follow up to other staff members.
  • “Process” tab. Computility will work with the association to identify any “repeatable” tasks (e.g., membership sales and follow up) and set these up under the Process tab for easier tracking. It’s a sort of workflow tool that I’ve not seen in many other AMS products.
  • Pricing. Computility has very aggressive pricing for implementation and sell their product as an SaaS tool. This means a monthly fee per named user, which Computility has set very low, at least for now.


  • e-commerce tools are still under development. For example, there is no utility currently for a member directory driven from the database (this is coming in the Fall, I’m told).
  • Membership is tracked by a checkbox. I’m not a fan of systems that track membership this way. Membership should be tracked based on invoices so that no one “accidentally” adds or deletes members with a simple check of a box.
  • Reporting. The query tool was good, but the reports tend to be simple queries, rather than full-fledged printable reports.

Overall the system holds promise. Even though the database itself is five years old, I think it still needs development in key areas (particularly e-commerce). Time will tell.

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