One of my (many) soapboxes is tryi to get people to back up their data and make sure it’s backed up. I’ve written about it here.

So I was pleased to see Newsweek magazine writing about it recently here. But what was shocking was what the author wrote:

“I’ve been a tech writer at NEWSWEEK for 12 years, during which time I’ve had two hard-drive failures on my personal laptops. I still don’t back up my data.”

They say there are those who back up and those who will. But apparently there is some small minority of the population who simply refuse to back up their data, no matter how easy it is or how damaging data loss can be. I suppose if it’s your own data, then that’s your loss. But if you’re responsible for someone else’s data, not backing up is simply malpractice.

So I’ll ask again: Are you backing up your data? And are you sure it’s actually backed up?