Last week I had the opportunity to attend MemberSuite’s Meetup 2015, their first user group meeting. MemberSuite had nearly 50 association executives in attendance, a very respectable turnout for their first user group meeting.

Andrew Ryan, MemberSuite’s president, highlighted the growth of the company and some plans for the next year.

In terms of company growth, Andrew highlighted that MemberSuite has doubled its customer base over the past year, and has dramatically expanded its staff.

Over the past year, MemberSuite has been focusing on improving its financials functionality, new and improved reporting and querying functionality, and more system stability. Over the course of the next year, MemberSuite is focusing on revamping their UI to a mobile-first platform and upgrading their business intelligence offerings.

I was very encouraged to hear MemberSuite’s plans for the coming year, and pleased to see that they have finally inaugurated a meeting of their customers, something I hope they will continue to do in the coming years.