I got the opportunity to attend the Euclid ClearVantage Users Group Conference earlier this month. One of the reasons I attend user group meetings is to learn what the vendors are planning with their product. Euclid has rolled out a couple of new features that I found pretty slick.

As part of what they call their Mobile Team application (which is an extension of the primary database), staff can use the application on an iPhone or iPad as a QR code scanner and credit card swiper. What’s cool about this, is that unlike  other standalone mobile credit card services, Mobile Team is fully integrated with the Euclid’s AMS, so you can register people for events, purchase products, take donations, pay their dues, etc., with no need to rekey any data.

There is also a special “Mobile Donor” mode designed for in-person fund raising events where you just swipe a person’s credit card, it finds them in your database and you enter the donation amount and you are done. Everything tracks back to the primary database.

Euclid also demonstrated a mobile website they’ve developed called Mobile Member, which among other things, allows you to offer real-time speaker evaluations to your event attendees. Very nice.

Full disclosure: EDM is an independent third-party consulting firm. This means we have no financial relationship with any of the vendors mentioned in this blog. We provide unbiased opinions on what we see.