I received, in the mail this weekend, a letter from the ASAE Foundation, asking me for a donation. Having been a volunteer for ASAE for over 15 years, this letter has some appeal to me. (Kudos to ASAE for opening the letter with “As a volunteer…” Proof that someone there knows me!)

As I set the letter in my “to follow-up pile” I noticed the P.S. telling me I could donate online at www.asaecenter.org/annualfund. Bingo! They got me.

You see, for me, donating or buying anything has to be as eeeeeasy as possible. If you make me pick up a pen to fill something in, you’ve already greatly lowered the likelihood of my buying. Sure, I was going to follow up with the ASAE solicitation…eventually…maybe… But give me a link and let the computer fill everything out for me? Well, you’ve just exponentially increased your odds of making a sale to me.

So look at your organization and how you’re selling things. Or how you’re asking for donations. Are you making it as easy as possible to PAY for things? In other words, can I do business with you online, at my leisure, and when it’s convenient for me?