All of my clients know that I'm a huge proponent of users groups. I like 'em so much, I actually co-founded one in the past, and I frequently encourage my clients to do the same with their association management system vendors.

So I was very encouraged to learn about the SharePoint Users Group (, a new users group for, oddly enough, SharePoint users.

SharePoint is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for many associations. It can be used as a content management system as well as a community/collaboration tool. I use it as part of my volunteer work with ASAE, and I think it holds tremendous promise. Several of my clients are also considering or have already adopted it.

What I like about the SUG is that in very short order they've set up a site (driven by SharePoint, natch) that allows users to sign up (for free) and instantly join the conversation. There are blogs, guides, and even an area with programming code.

There is tremendous value in users groups. If your organization uses SharePoint, the SUG might be something to investigate.

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